Daylily Links

Interesting daylily websites

  1. Ontario Daylily Society. The society that we belong to, which is part of Region 4 of the larger daylily society, the American Hemerocallis Society. This site has all sorts of good information about coming events, such as the annual Can-Am Classic in Toronto, annual picnic, monthly meetings, and it has a terrific list of the websites of members.

  2. American Hemerocallis Society. This is the international daylily society that is officially in charge of registering daylilies. The website has a great deal of good information about daylilies which includes an online data base about every daylily that has ever been registered.

  3. Charlotte's Daylily Diary. This is the best private daylily website with an important connection to all the major daylily hybridizers in the world. And it's by a Canadian!