Hybridizing Daylilies

Hybridizing for hardy tet UFs and spiders at Gryphon Gardens

About half of our hybridizing efforts go into crossing hardy, northern cultivars with the most exotic southern UFs and spiders. Among the most used northern material are daylilies introduced by Bob Schwarz, Melanie Mason, Curt Hanson, Jamie Gossard, and from further south, the hardy cultivars of Richard Webster. The most promising seedlings of these crosses are shown below, roughly in the order of their possible introduction.

‘Frog’s Eye X
‘Split Infinitive

'Astral Voyager X
‘Elsie Stelter'

‘Tuxedo Junction’ X
(‘Wind in the Rigging’ x
‘Gerda Brooker’)

‘Istanbul Magic’ X ‘
Astral Voyager’

‘Astral Voyager’ X
‘Skinny Dipping’.
‘Dangling Participle’ X
‘Elsie Stelter’
‘Astral Voyageur’ X
(‘John Karl Seager’ x
‘Wings on High’)
‘On Silken Thread’ X
‘Primal Scream’
‘Bali Watercolor’ X
(‘Red Suspenders’ x
‘Royal Celebration’)
‘Astral Voyager’ X
‘Orchid Waterfall’
‘Heavenly Masquerade X
‘Istanbul Magic’
('Astral Voyager' x 'Istanbul Magic'
X ('Heavenly Masquerade' x 'Seventh Sojourn')


Read my article
Hybridizing for Hardy Spiders and Unusual Forms in the North”, AHS Region 2 Newsletter Fall 2005-Winter 2006.
http://www.region2daylily.org/newsletters/news_2005fa.pdf - see pages 11-18